Access Opportunity relies on the generosity of our supporters to fulfill our mission. Their gifts make a world of difference to us – and to our students, families and communities. 


Thank you to the many volunteers who encourage, inspire, and cheer on our students. Learn how to get involved here >>

Abby Wigdale
Adam Silver
Adam Hussein
Alexis Dejulio
Anahi Collado
Anita Head
Barbara Erbacher
Becky Morley
Breanna Conrad
Brenna May
Celia Rogers
Celina Tovar
Chally Wiener
Charlie Flesch
Cheryl McBay
Chip Coppola
Chris Finton
Crystal Ayala
Danny Fusco
Dave Adams
Don Goulart
Elizabeth Klaers

Emily Donaldson De Voto

Emma Martin

Enrique Lopez

Eric Vinton

Erica Greenfield

Erika Blauth

Francesca Painter

Francisco Herrera

Georgia Montoya

Janine Shea

John Hayes

Juan Padro

Justin Florian

Kate Leslie

Katelyn Zieff

Kathy  Schultz

Kelly Schlegel

Kevin Townsend

Koki Atcheson

Lauren Coviell

Leah Teeters

Leslie Maddocks

Leslie Finton

Leslie Tsui

Lila Rosenman

Magda Schoenhals

Magnolia Landa-Posas

Marco Abarca

Morgan Novy

Oscar Soto

Pam Sousa

Patti Wells

Rebecca Wells

Samantha Priefer

Sarah Ahn

Sean Ashburn

Sergey Krasovski

Shannon Knobel

Shawn Barker

Sophie Wiener

Stacy Hernandez

Stephanie Evans

Sue Townsend

Tom Holman

Tori Hasson

Trish Cook

Victoria Tafoya