Access Opportunity relies on the generosity of our supporters to fulfill our mission. Their gifts make a world of difference to us – and to our students, families and communities. 


Thank you to the many volunteers who encourage, inspire, and cheer on our students. Learn how to get involved here >>

Marco Abarca

Dave Adams

Michael Arney

Kevin Arnold

Lalenia Aweida

Lily Bahrabadi

Anne Bailey

Amy Ballard

Emily Ballard

Shawn Barker

Christopher Barkley

Seena Berg

Lily Biggar

Lesa Briggs

Kristi Brin

Emma Brooks

Daniel Cardella

Dominic Carmosino

Nick Carpenter

Kim Chaumillon

Noah Clark

Mica Cohen-Fuentes

Chip Coppola

Laura Dalpaiz

Nancy Dansky

Taylor Davison

Aleda Deuble

Chris Donato

Susan Drake

Patricia Dwyer

Lisa Effress

Barbara Erbacher

Stephanie Evans

Emily Evans

Christine Figurski

Ben Findlow

Ty Findlow

Andy French

Danielle Fuller

Alfredo Gallegos

Priscilla Gardea

Jeff Graham

Melissa Harrington

Ryan Harris

Heather Hattrup

John Hayes

Susie Hayes

Annie Hayes

Katie Hegg

Kevin Hill

Erika Hiromitsu

Alexander Ho

Amy Hoang

Payton Hoops

Chris Hunt

Isabelle Hurley

Nicole Huston

Tom Jackson

Terri Jeffers

Pam Jeffords

David Jergovic

Christian Kalenga

Millicent Kang

Colin Keenan

Reese Kelly

Ben Kieklak

Sarah Kirby

Gary Klopfenstein

Arnav Konijeti

Lindsay Konkel

Sarah Kozlowski

Kipp Kramer

Sergey Krasovski

Nicholas La Rue

Maggie Laird

Eric Lamar

Theresa Lambert

Linda LaPointe

Amy Larson

Ellie Laughlin

Shanna Lawless

Ryan Lee

Amanda Lesperance

Hannah Light

Beth Marks

Mary Martinez

Chris McCurdy

Kelly McGahan

Juan Mendoza

Dan Michaud

Stephanie Michaud

David Miller

Jen Miller

Georgia Montoya

Dayton Morgan

Becky Morley

Noelle Mulholland

Katie Murphy

Andy Nathan

Jack Olson

Riley Olson

Hannah Ornas

Juan Padro

Francesca Painter

Haley Parco

Lisa Pentz

Ross Pfeifer

Bryan Pieper

Stephanie Portfolio

Cat Portillo

Chenlu Qiao

Quinn Ramos

Scott Regnier

Ashley Remstad

Niki Robins

Jacqueline Rosains

Matias Saez

Alex Scatena

Lisa Scatena

Magda Schoenhals

Danielle Schucker

Sam Sgourakes

Charlie Sheffield

Julia Shively

Adam Silver

Laura Skladzinski

Manette Snow

Andy Snow

Pam Sousa

Ben Squarer

Katrina Starbird

Maddie Stevens

Tracey Stover

David Stover

Kevin Sullivan

Cora Sutcliffe

Lillian Sutcliffe

Danielle Tamkin

Tracey Thiele

Portia Tieze

Gordy Van Dusen

Peter Van Dusen

Karen Van Dusen

Eric Vinton

Liz Walters

Daniel Wcislo

Julie Weaver

Sophie Wiener

Chally Wiener

Angela Williams

Carol Woeste

Barret Wolf

Josie Woods

Andrea Zelinko


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