Access Opportunity relies on the generosity of our supporters to fulfill our mission. Their gifts make a world of difference to us – and to our students, families and communities. 


Thank you to all our supporters during our July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 fiscal year for providing

generous support to our program and students. Join us in supporting our program and students here >>

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Caruso Foundation

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Daniels Fund

Deloitte Services LP

Susan and Scott Drake

Foundry Group

Goldman Sachs

Lisa and Doug Granat

Susie and John Hayes

Karen and Robert Herz

Suzanne and Dave Hoover

Sarah and Dan Kozlowski

Lisa Pauley and Dave Taylor

Perlman Family Foundation/

      All Ways Up Foundation

Mary Sharoff and Doug Bradford

Wiener Family Philanthropy

Cat Carris and Dave Adams

Sarah Ahn and Chris Moody

AMG Charitable Gift Foundation

Jennifer and Shawn Barker

Broe Family Foundation

Jennifer Herz Clark

CoBiz Bank

Crestone Capital LLC


Ernst & Young U.S. LLP

The Farrior Family Fund

Granat Family Foundation

Christy and Tom Holman


Becky and Andrew Morley

Trista Pitre and Dan Fisher

Ready Foods, Inc.

Dianne Sawaya

Mary Hayes

Tina James and Dom Grazioli

Sarah and Colin Kirby


The Law Offices of Dianne L Sawaya, LLC

Kellie and Frank Mendicino

Stewart Title

Tracey and David Stover

Trailhead Wealth Management

Trimble Inc.

Patti and John Wells

Westland Development Services, Inc.

Chally and Rick Wiener

Willis Towers Watson PLC

Becky and Dave Anderson


Joanne and Herb Belgrad

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

Melissa and Nate Carey

Debbie and Chip Coppola

Lindsay and Tom Konkel

Kaye and Bernd Krebs


Chris and Scott Morrison

Andrea Price

Celia and Steve Rogers

Heather and Jamie Sabatier

Lisa and Jim Scatena

Ann and RJ Scott

Yuri Shane and Robert Martin

Deepti Sharma and Matt Leach

Carin and Eugene Smit

Christy and Craig Andrisen

Morgen and Roy Banes

Sarah and David Barnes

Jay Behringer

Mary and Ron Bisio

Janie Bracken

Sally and Sandy Bracken

Karen and Robert Braun

Paula Burns

Tammy Capdevielle

Carol Ciluffo

Barb and Tim Coletta


Gary Corbett

Sean Coughlin

Amy Creech

Monica and Matthew DeGraff

Allison and Ted Doering

Elizabeth and Michael Galvin

Becky and Bruce Gamble

Nancy and Rick George

Deron and Marion Goodwin

Ronda and Don Goulart

Ryan Harris

Barbara Herz

Liz Kah

Elizabeth and David Kaufman

Kristen and Kevin Kelly

Cassandra Kelso and Jedd Martin

Amanda Kendrick

Jenifer and Aaron Kennedy

Shannon and Jeff Knobel

Pamela and Michael Kruteck

Suzie Kupiec

Amy and Andrew Larson

Erin and Mike Macguire

Cheryl McBay and Jay Prassl

Linda Michow and Sam Realmuto

Jan and Rob Miles

Dave Mitchell and Rachel Hennefeld

Kathleen and Mike Moore

Tamsin and Andrew Nathan

Jill and John Olson

Oneseven Advisors, LLC

Audrey and Joe Overlie

Francesca and Robert Painter

Kathryn Conway Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust

Printz/Blank Family Charitable Fund

Dianne and Dan Rabbitt

Pam and Lee Reichert

Sandy and Leslie Rothe

Nancy and Glenn Russo

Edie and Bobby Schnabel

Maureen Shul

Manette and Andy Snow

Pam and Michael Sousa

Heather and Barry Stidham

Karen and Robert Strain

Stefanie and Robert Tettero

Tracey Thiele

Kim and Clay Thompson

Elizabeth and Robert Vinton

Kara and Eric Vinton

Zoe and Brian Wedel

Maria and Celso White

Tish and John Winsor

Carol and Gary Woeste

Lalenia and Peter Aweida

Charles Baker

George Balbach

Emily and Michael Ballard

Sandy and Glenn Barger

Amy Beringer and John Grubb

Kathleen and Merwin Brandon

Kathy and Bradley Calkins

Aline and Jirair Christianian

Vanessa and Charles Clarke

David and Tricia Diehl

Sarah and Chris Drummond

Stephanie and Jon Ekoniak

The Ekoniak Family Fund

Marcia and Mark Emmons

Evans Family Fund

Melissa and Joseph E. Foley III

Arrah Gallaher

Jenni and Mario Gasbarro

Christina Gonzalez

Stephanie and Ryan Groves

Kathryn and Mark Haber

Xenia and Mark Hammerberg

Paul Hardart

Brooke and Kevin Hill

Christine Hoppe

Terri and Chris Jeffers

Lisa and Mark Kaufman

Darci and John Koelling

Gary and Sharon Koenig

Maggie Laird

Jane Lauer

Laura and Robert Leland

Erin and Nathan Mattison

Colleen and Craig McLees

Patricia and Tom Metz

David Miller

Georgia Montoya and Zeyen Wu

Cynthia and Phil Musser

Next Door American Eatery

Portia and Steve Noel

Erik Paulson

Lisa and Jamie Pentz

Darya and John Prassl

Jane and Joseph Printz

Aleana and David Reeves

Kathy Schultz and David Paul

Julie and Dan Seaman

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Barb Siegel

Jessica and Yancey Spruill

Jenn and Jim Todd

Kathryn Valdez

Karen and Gordon Van Dusen

Nick Vehorn

Andrea Walker

Women’s International Niwot Club

Jeff Yeatman

Virginia and Wayne Yee

Dee and Scott Andrews

Autodesk Foundation

Ellen Balaguer and Mark Chase

Kim and Ken Bixel

Tabitha and Mike Boldt

Laura Bowles

Jenn Cook

Trish Cook

Kendra and Berg Crawford

Angel and Will Dailey

Wendy and Walt Evans

Gail and Michael Folwell

Lisa Fredericks

Lori and Mike Ganem

Patrick Henry

Alex Herz

David Herz

Max Herz

Molly Herz

Rachel Herz

JMAC Marketing LLC

Ed Khoukaz

Sarah King

Ethan Kirkwood

Veronica and Kevin Kogler

CC Lagator

Katie Leo

Kristina Lisowski

Olivia and Aaron Lucas

Jennifer and Chris MacCabe

Stephanie Mayer

Georgina and Don Morrissey

Mary Pinkus

Margaret Power

Emily Puetz and Sam Reid

Heather and Blake Redabaugh

Amanda Rocque

Kimberly Sheppard

David Strong

Superior Liquor

Lillian and Nick Sutcliffe

Marion and Paul Szilagyi

Anne Loomis Thompson

Kathy and Tom Tyree

Bart Vossen

Tammy and Jim Westerberg

Katherine and Dan Wittenberg

Molly and Eric Wittenberg

Kevin Arnold

Louise and Bill Atkinson

Emily Baker

Mia Ballesteros

Sarah and Bruce Barton

Suzanne Beitel

Kyle Bickel

Allison Billings

Kristin Bradbury

Shari and Carson Brusch

Anna Belle and Tom Chesney

Noah Clark

Savannah Clinton

Katherine Collier

Community First Foundation

Amy and Pat Coraggio

Clare DeSio

Polly Donald

Megan Easterling

Gabriela and Mike Ebersole

Emily Evans

Kelley and Dan Evans

Stephanie Evans

Leslie and Chris Finton

Mary Foley

Patty and Dan Fontneau

Tom Gallanis

Michael Gazarik

Kathryn and Chris Geer

Kate Gladstone

Linda Glass

Maggie and Lawrence Glueck

Fabrizia Hadlow

Monica Haenselman and Kevin Pykkonen

Codi Haigney

Velora Halgren

Lauren and Chris Halstedt

Michelle Herbert

Paula Herrera and Matt Shopfer

Bess and Ted Hewitt

Hannah Iverson

Taeko and Takayuki Kamata

Lauren and Michael Klauer

Cynthia and Lewis Kleinsmith

Kristy and Dan Koken

Julie and Jon Kopp

Jessica Leary

Melissa and Ryan Lee

Courtney and Craig Lewis

Kerry Lightenburger

Anna Lorenson

Jules Lovell

Leslie and Glenn Maddocks

Colleen and Matt Maline

Lynne and Joe Mallon

Jessica Martinez

Annie Mayer

Beth and Mike McClellan

Jill and Chris McCurdy

Lisa and Tom McHenry

Krissy Melvin

Tamra and Luis Miaja

Neely Moore

Leslie and Dean Morton

Jordan Mungin

Kristi Murray

Lacy and Joe Murt

Emily and Jonathan Musser

Matt Nisbet

Carolyn and Gary S. Olschansky

Eric Olson

Scott Potter

Karen Pranikoff

Jessica Reilly

Niki Robins

Matthew Rogers

Jossline and Joseph Roland

Victoria Rosenbaum

Lila Rosenman

Seabrook Family Charitable Fund

Shelby Scott and Troy Terrill

Megan and Adam Shalapin

Sumi Shane and R. Ashle Baxter

Julia Shively

Erin Smith

Margaret St. Jean

Joshua Stein

Margaret and Kevin Sullivan

Jessica Sword

Maria Eugenia Tapia

Angie Taylor

Marion Taylor and Tim Rastello

Michelle Torres

Shirley Verrette and Mike Berg

Richard Woodruff

Jesse Zamora

Anita Zonker

Katherine Zuber

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