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What Makes Access Opportunity Special?

Shared by the 2023-24 Student Ambassadors

Access Opportunity's program is unique in so many ways. We asked our 2023-24 Student Ambassadors to share from their own experience "what makes our program special?" Their consensus: our dedication to individualized support and community building. Read more from our students below.

"One of the biggest things that makes AO special is how many resources and opportunities they show us. I probably would have never known about how to evaluate my college options before AO. Looking at graduation or acceptance rates was something I had never even thought to consider before when looking at potential colleges. AO has been able to offer me the tools that I need to keep moving forward and create changes for my future. Coming from a low-income neighborhood and family, I needed this support."

"AO is different from other programs because they care beyond your accomplishment in school. Sometimes programs like this can get overwhelming when their only focus is on your grades. AO supports you as a person AND in your education by focusing on community and social-emotional learning in addition to their educational support. It's not just about getting into college, but also about meeting people who will support you throughout your 6 years in the program. The community is so strong and extraordinary. Having peers who I can relate to, who are on this journey with me, is what gives me that push to work harder."

"The most special part about AO is the community and the people you meet. We all support and advise each other at all stages of the program. The sense of community we have all built together will never go away; we're always there for each other and understand one another."

"The most special thing about AO is connection. The connections we build with our cohort and counselors are impactful and helpful as we make our way through college."

"AO is our guide through college. I learned so much in my first two years in the program by working with my counselor. She went above and beyond to help me understand all things financial aid, and it helped so much. She also went on a college tour with me when my mom couldn't join. That moment always makes me emotional because I was so sad that my mom couldn't come with me, and seeing all of the other students with their parents was hard. I felt like I would miss out by not having my mom there with me. So having my counselor fill-in for her by coming with meant the world to me."

"The most impactful aspect of AO for me has been the close-knit support that we get. The relationships I built with my counselors has helped me so much. Before, I had been figuring out college planning mostly on my own since my family doesn't have a ton of knowledge of the logistics of applying to college in America. Having a counselor that takes the time to understand your goals and help you figure out how to get there has been extremely impactful. Just knowing that if I have a question I can always reach out to Olivia for career help or Jasmine for mental health support has been huge for me."


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