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Student Spotlight: Michelle

Michelle is a senior at KIPP Denver Collegiate. She plays soccer, tutors students, helps teachers with event planning, and is an excellent student on top of it all. One day, she hopes to become a doctor and increase access to medical care. We talked with her to learn more about what inspires her and her goals for the future.

Why is going to college important to you?

Going to college is important to me because I want to make my parents proud. I want to show them that their hard work hasn’t gone in vain – it’s been recognized through my hard work. I also want to prove stereotypes about minorities wrong. I want to graduate and go to medical school. 

Why did you decide to apply to Access Opportunity?

I decided to apply to Access Opportunity because I knew that it would give me the resources I needed to get to and through college. I really like the networking events and the workshops especially. The AO counselors are always there – not only to help you through the college process, but also to be your friend and support you. It’s not only academic support, it’s also emotional support. That’s what I value most. 

How is Access Opportunity making a difference in your family’s life?

AO takes a really big burden off of my family, because they don’t have to worry about me not having enough money for college or not being accepted to college. They know that I’m always receiving the help I need from AO.

What are some of your goals for the future?

I want to be a doctor. My dream job is to be a neurological surgeon. My uncle has a nonprofit clinic in Guatemala, so I’d like to do something like that. One day, I also hope I can live in my own house that I build myself. I want a ranch with horses too. My grandpa has a farm in El Salvador - that’s where I learned to ride horses. I also want to support my parents, so that they can travel and enjoy life.

Who is your biggest role model? 

My mom is my biggest inspiration. She is a really hard worker and she’s always there. My dad travels a lot for work, but my mom always makes sure that we have everything that we need. 

What are some of the activities you’re involved in?

Soccer is one of my favorite activities because of the team culture. We’re always there for each other and we’re lifelong friends. I’m also in a leadership class – that’s one of my favorite classes because it’s taught me how to be a leader and how to stand up for others when they need it. We’re going to Puerto Rico over spring break to help rebuild schools after the hurricane. 

Something interesting we might not know about you?

Music is something I’m really passionate about. I’ve been playing piano since I was eight. Music has always been a way to destress and get my creative juices flowing. Before I write my college essays, I always play piano and it helps me to write. I like R&B and alternative rock - I always have to have music on while I’m studying or doing homework.


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