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Student Spotlight: Lesley

Lesley is a rising senior at Fairview High School who hopes to become a pediatrician one day. She is a leader at her school, participating in a variety of clubs and sports, including Fairview's Honor Council. We talked with her to learn more about her goals and her inspiration. 

Why is going to college important to you?

It is important to me because I have to prove to myself and others that I can complete what I really want to do, just by taking advantage of the opportunities given to me. My dream job is to become a pediatrician.

How do you think Access Opportunity will help you overcome obstacles on your path to college?

Access Opportunity connects me with people who have already experienced what I’m starting to go through. Through Access Opportunity, I have met new people who are going through the same struggles as me and it keeps me going. They also give me a lot of advice, which will be very helpful in accomplishing the dreams and goals that I really want to achieve. 

Who is your biggest role model or inspiration?

My mom is my biggest role model – I see her work hard every day. Every night, she has to go back to work and she never complains about it. I know she would do anything to help my sister and me. Because of all that she has gone through, I push myself harder. By accomplishing my goals, I hope she knows that all of the time she spent on me didn’t go to waste. I want to pay her back in any way that I can.

Tell us about a challenge you’ve had.

Going to Fairview High School for the first time was a challenge for me – it was very different than my middle school. I had to push myself to be noticed as a Hispanic student in a predominantly white school. During my freshman year, I really struggled and didn’t feel like I fit in. For my sophomore year, I decided to get involved and join clubs and teams. Now I finally feel like I belong, but it was challenging for me. I’m currently involved with the Red Cross club, basketball, cheerleading, and the Fairview Knight Crew, which helps freshmen adjust to high school. I also just got recommended by a teacher to be on Fairview’s Honor Council.

Tell us something interesting we might not know about you. 

My music tastes are all over the map – I especially like Bon Jovi, Post Malone, and Metallica. I am also very into Japanese culture and music. I had a friend from Japan and she taught a lot about it. 


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