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Student Spotlight: Emily

Emily is an impressive, hard working student at Longmont High School. She plays three sports, participates in the marching band, and volunteers with various organizations. Emily is also a member of the Speech and Debate team through the National Forensics League, the Girls' Leadership Council at the University of Denver, and the Medical and BioScience Academy (MBSA) at Longmont. We talked with her to learn more about what inspires her and her goals for the future.

Why is going to college important to you?

There are two main reasons why college is important to me. I want to go to college for myself to try to expand my knowledge and work in an environment where there are diverse people who are like me, who I can work and collaborate with to learn what my passions truly are. I also want to gain skills to give back to my community. The second reason is that I have been given the opportunity to study, unlike most of my family. I want to give back to my family and community, and I want to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Why did you decide to apply to Access Opportunity? 

When I was a sophomore, I had no clue about the college process. When I saw that AO not only gave a scholarship but also helped along the way with every step, I knew I had to get in. I decided to apply to get the help I needed because I was really lost and didn't know anything about college. AO has been such an incredible resource. I knew the tutoring would be super helpful, and the essay help too. 

Tell us about your family.

I am the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a Native-American. My mama migrated to the United States at age twenty-two. My papa is a proud Native from the Apache-Mescalero tribe. My family is my strength and the drive that pushes me to continue my education. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices they’ve made to give me all of the opportunities I have.

How is Access Opportunity making a difference in your life? In your family’s life?

Before I knew about AO, my dad had mentioned that I needed some type of help in the college process. He was willing to give up certain things to hire someone if that was necessary. I felt like I would be taking something from my family and using it for myself if we did that. Luckily, I found AO. From tutoring, college essays, workshops and learning about what I want to do, I feel like the program has helped me develop confidence in the process. I am grateful for that.

What are some ways you would like to give back to your community one day?

For the longest time, I thought it was only going to be in medicine. More recently, I have developed a passion for public policy and I see that as a key part of how I can give back to my community. It might be through medicine or as a civil servant advocating for the rights of people from my background.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I would go scuba diving to see orca whales in Hawaii and I would go to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. And I would bring my family!


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