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Partner Spotlight: ViewRay

A Q&A with Robert Fuchs, ViewRay Chief Human Resources Officer.

Access Opportunity: Tell us a little about your company.

Robert: In short, ViewRay is changing the way cancer is treated. When we think of cancer treatment, we

tend to think about radiation and chemotherapy, and most of us have known someone who has

experienced those therapies. They treat the cancer but can damage surrounding tissue or

critical organs and produce significant side effects like hair loss, nausea, and extreme fatigue.

These conventional therapies also spread the treatment over several weeks and up to dozens of

sessions which is really hard on patients and their families.

The MRIdian® MRI-guided radiotherapy system combines precise radiation delivery with the

latest in magnetic resonance guidance, so clinicians can see and treat cancer at the same time.

It knows when to strike – and when to stop. About 80% of the 25,000 patients treated to date

have undergone five or fewer treatment sessions, or factions, and largely without side effects.

We fully expect to be one of the fastest growing medical technology companies in the world in

the coming years. Our customers are hospitals as well as educational institutions like Cornell

and UCLA.

We currently have about 300 teammates, and our headquarters just recently moved to

downtown Denver.

AO: What is your role with the company and what do you do in that role?

Robert: As Chief Human Resources Officer for ViewRay, I oversee all the traditional HR functions you'd

expect in a growing organization, however, my specific focus is on what we call ARD - attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent on the planet!

Our ability to provide breakthrough cancer care tomorrow depends on building a bench of the

very best talent today. We don't have employees - we are teammates - and that speaks

volumes about our culture and how it ensures that we stay focused on achieving our shared

goals and objectives.

AO: Tell us about the different ways ViewRay is involved with Access Opportunity. Is

there any experience with AO that was particularly meaningful for you or your team?

Robert: At ViewRay, we like to say we "show up" for each other when life happens. Whether that's

celebrating a joyous occasion in life or being there when the tough stuff happens. Partnering

with Access Opportunity is such a great way of extending that "showing up" mentality to our


The teammates who've participated in the annual Raise a Class Fundraiser brought back

amazing stories of meeting these great students, hearing their stories, and genuinely feeling

they played a part in helping them reach for their dreams.

At back-to-school time, we teamed up to help make sure students had the supplies and material

resources they need to be successful as they start their college careers and life in student


We've helped sharpen resumes and build interviewing and networking skills as well. These are

not only practical skills, but they help students become strong communicators and grow the

confidence it takes to prepare for the next chapters in their lives.

Baskets of essentials for college freshmen.
Baskets put together by ViewRay for AO students who are starting college this fall.

AO: Why is partnering with Access Opportunity important to ViewRay?

Robert: There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone strive and succeed and knowing that

you helped inspire their success. Our work with AO is part of our broader Diversity, Equity, and

Inclusion (DEI) strategy. Teammates who become personally involved with high-potential

students from low-income households can see firsthand the difference that their involvement

makes, from high school to starting in a career.

AO: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement you can share with AO


Robert: Not everyone is fortunate enough to have financial advantages in life. But it's the hard work,

passion, and pride in performing at the peak of your abilities that are the true gamechangers in

the workplace. As an HR professional, I've watched time and again how those characteristics

make a teammate stand out from the rest and become the catalyst for success.


Thank you so much, Robert & ViewRay! We're so grateful for your partnership and for all of the ways you support AO students!


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