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High School Graduate: Metzy

Updated: May 20, 2023

We sat down with Metzy, one of our 2021-22 Student Ambassadors, to talk about the end of her senior year of high school and the beginning of a new phase as she enters college this fall. She graduated from Westminster High School this spring and will attend Regis University in the fall.

AO: How was your senior year of high school?

Metzy: It definitely has been pretty exciting. I think there was a lot going on during senior year, much of which I wasn't expecting. Especially since from our sophomore year through our junior year, things were really uncertain because of COVID. So we were always on and off between being online and then going to in-person learning. So it was definitely been a different experience. But I really, really enjoyed it. I'm really excited to see what life has to offer after high school.

AO: Tell us a little bit about the college application process over the past year or so. What did that look like for you?

Metzy: When I first started my college application process, I still wasn't really sure where I wanted to go. I had my major in mind and what elements I wanted out of a school, but I just wasn't sure where to look. So it took me a while to decide.

The big element that played into my choice was my financial aid, which I think is a similar story for most students like me. At the end of the day, it really helps us make our decision. And all of the elements considered, Regis was the best choice for me, so that's where I ended up choosing.

AO: You said that your major played a role in the schools you considered. What are you going to be majoring in at Regis?

Metzy: I'll be majoring in Neuroscience.

AO: Wow, that's great.

AO: At what age would you say you started thinking about going to college? And was there anyone who influenced your decision to go to college?

Metzy: Well, ever since I was very, very little, I was always raised with the idea that I'm going to go to college. I remember my mom, she would always tell us "no es un opción" ("it's not an option"), you're going to go to college and we're going to help get you there. I think I knew that I wanted to go to college before I even started school, from a very young age. And it was because of my parents who have influenced it in the best way possible. I applaud them for really pushing my sister and I to pursue higher education. And going into higher education for sure is, is not only accomplishing their dream, but also my own.

AO: Can you tell us a bit more about your family?

Metzy: I'm a first-generation student, so it's always been my parents' dream to do whatever possible to get my younger sister and I to the opportunity to get a college education. They have played a huge role in getting me to where I am today, and I wanted to make sure that I also incorporated their story into my own. That's one of their greatest roles in my life, just allowing me to share their story to help me write my own and find myself. They've taken a great interest in helping out wherever they can along my college admittance journey, and I am so grateful to have had their support along the way.

I also definitely think that my experience through high school and now transitioning into college has helped my sister see what things she should be looking out for when she gets to this stage. She's seen me work on college applications, scholarship applications, fixing up essays. She's seen all of that. And even before I started my college application process, she had also seen me getting engaged and involved with my school through community service, other clubs, and also through the schoolwork. So I think that seeing my experience has helped her plan her own goals and trajectory. I can see that she feels more prepared on to what to expect during the college application process. She has also grown up with that mentality that going to college is in her future. And now we actually both have plans of going into the medical field.


Congrats, Metzy! We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish at Regis!


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