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Meet Our Student Ambassador: Sergio

Updated: May 20, 2023

Learn more about Sergio, member of AO Class of 2025, attending Boston College.

AO: This past year has been tough for a multitude of reasons, however there were definitely times worth celebrating, especially because they occurred despite the hardship. What was a standout accomplishment, a time where you felt like you climbed a mountain?

Sergio: A standout accomplishment was when I was able to beat my depression. There were days in which I wished I could just sleep forever and ignore all my problems. And yet through support from friends and family, I was able to overcome those feelings. The void which once felt as if it could not be filled had disappeared. I was happy to be alive and I was proud of myself for prioritizing my mental health.

AO: In the difficult times, was there someone, maybe even another person through your connection with Access Opportunity, who was there to pull you up?

Sergio: There were several people from AO who helped me. My old counselor Maggie and my current one Natalee, they both encouraged me to seek out mental health treatment. They both provided support for me every step of the way, and were there to comfort me when my anxiety would get the best of me. Natalee helped me find mental health care through my school because I could not afford it on my own. Natalee and Maggie were always available to listen to me and my problems, and they are people I can always count on.

AO: All in all, what have you learned in this journey of the past year? What will you take with you for your next journey?

Sergio: I have learned to live. I know it sounds silly, but as a sophomore I was so tied up with work, my club, school work, and my home chores that I lost myself. I was so focused on how I would live in the future that I forgot to live in the present. I now dedicate time to my self care. I learned that mental health is just as important as physical health, asking for help does not make me weak, and family is made by actions and not by blood.

AO: What would you say is the theme song?

Sergio: The theme song for my journey is "What It's Like" by Phora. In this song he describes feelings that I could relate to at some of the lowest points of my life, yet he also wrote about being thankful for the things we have been blessed with. This song is one of my top favorites and always helps restore my will to continue my journey.


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