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AO Class of 2027 is Headed to College

Our Class of 2027 students graduated from high school a few weeks ago and are heading to college this fall. They will be spread across the country, attending schools in 6 different states including Colorado, Massachusetts, and California. We're so excited to see them continue to learn and grow as they embark on the newest adventure on their journey to college graduation.

Without further ado, here's our Class of 2027 college decisions:

  • Aaliyah: University of Denver

  • Abi: Colorado School of Mines

  • Anonymous: Northeastern University

  • Eder: Pomona College (Questbridge Scholar)

  • Eduardo: Colorado School of Mines

  • Fernanda: Barnard College (Questbridge Scholar)

  • Gloria: Colorado State University- Fort Collins (Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship Recipient)

  • Jacobo: Colorado State University- Fort Collins (Latin American Educational Foundation (LAEF) Scholar)

  • Josué: Northeastern University (Horatio Alger Scholarship Recipient)

  • Katherine: Northeastern University

  • Leila: Princeton University (Questbridge Scholar)

  • Mia: Colorado State University- Pueblo (Dorothy Osborn Scholarship through Aurora Scholars)

  • Millia: University of Colorado- Denver (BA/BS- MD Program)

  • Nadhii: Union College (Academic Opportunity Program @ Union, SACHS Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Elevations Foundation Scholarship Recipient)

  • Osvaldo: Pitzer College (Greenhouse Scholar; Elevations Foundation Scholar; Latin American Educational Foundation Scholar; (LAEF), and Hispanic Heritage Foundation Scholar)

  • Stephanie: University of Denver (Honors Program, CWC Leadership Program)

  • Vanessa: Colorado School of Mines (DSF)

Congratulations high school graduates!


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