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AO Welcomes our Newest Class

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We are excited to introduce our newest Access Opportunity class, set to graduate college in 2028! This year's recruitment and selection process was one of our most competitive, and we are proud to have read so many strong applications from students in our community. We received around 90 applications, interviewed 40 students, and accepted our largest class yet, of 21 students.

Please welcome the AO Class of 2028!

  • Aaliyah B (Bear Creek High School)

  • Adella N (DSST: Montview High School)

  • Andrea G (KIPP Denver Collegiate High School)

  • Battsetsen E (Denver School of the Arts)

  • Carlos S (North High School)

  • Christopher R (STRIVE Prep - SMART)

  • Diana M (William Smith High School)

  • Elizabeth G (STRIVE Prep - SMART)

  • Gael G (Mapleton Early College)

  • Jakiya M (Denver Online)

  • Jasbeth H (Mapleton Early College)

  • Jason H (Overland High School)

  • Joanna C (Overland High School)

  • Kaelie C (Manual High School)

  • Kasandra H (William Smith High School)

  • Luis E (STRIVE Prep - SMART)

  • Mary W (Thornton High School)

  • Melissa M S (Thornton High School)

  • Ryan E (DSST: Montview High School)

  • Samantha P M (Pinnacle Charter High School)

  • Schekina K (William Smith High School)

Our admitted class belong to 13 different high schools, 86% will be first-generation college students, and their average GPA is 3.98. We can't wait to learn more about them over the next few months!


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