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2024 Winter Workshop

Last Saturday, January 6th, we held our annual Winter Workshop. This event is a one-day workshop planned entirely by our Student Advisory Group (pictured below). Sessions were led by students, staff, and alumni as well as an inspiring group of guest speakers whose sessions were selected from a competitive pool of proposals submitted last fall.

There were 71 students in attendance at the workshop. They enjoyed having time to connect as a community, expressing that “this workshop was amazing, filled with inspirational speakers and activities that helped us navigate a new school year! I believe the main takeaway from the event was the importance of making our own stories in our personal, social, and academic lives” (Class of 2028 Student). Another shared that “it was really fun to learn more about how to be a leader in my community and also how to be successful in my academics, no matter what my path holds” (Class of 2027 Student). Throughout the day, students wrote encouraging messages to the class of 2024, since this was the last in-person event that they will be attend before graduating this spring. Students also wrote letters to children in foster care as part of a SAG-led volunteer project.

“I liked that there were young presenters that we might relate to more since they are closer to our age.” – Class of 2028 Student
“The guest speakers were really cool and their presentations were informative.” – Class of 2026 Student

Overall, it was a great workshop that will set the tone for an amazing year! Thank you to all who attended and supported the event. If you are interested in facilitating a session at a future Access Opportunity workshop, we would love to hear from you:


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