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Jennifer Johnson  (she/her)

Development Director


Jennifer holds a Masters of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Her first post-graduate school job was as the Director of Transitional Living Program at Youth in Need in St. Charles, Missouri. The Transitional Living Program provided housing, education and daily living support to unhoused teens 16-22 years old. It was an incredible first job truly transforming the lives of the teens served. 

Jennifer moved to Colorado in 1999 and served as the Associate Director at The Spot, a nighttime drop-in youth center and she is still in touch with some of the youth from that program today. The Spot was a place for the arts with music studios, a breakdancing studio, computer lab and much more for any youth under 22 years old. When young people came to enjoy the creative space, they then had support for their education, career and much more. The Spot would see 50-100 young people five nights a week. And the best part about The Spot, that all the youth loved, only one rule, RESPECT, that covered it all. 

Jennifer grew up with a single mom and is inspired by her. Her mother worked full-time raising Jennifer and her sister and went back to college obtaining her degree as well. When she asked her mom how she did all of that, her mom said, “I had to do it to give you and your sister a better life, and that wouldn’t happen with a college degree.” 

Jennifer enjoys roller derby and musical theater. She is an on-skates referee for Denver Roller Derby and both of her children skate for Denver’s junior derby team. Her family tries to see almost any musical possible at big and small theater companies across the metro area.


Favorite College Experience: "I loved graduate school and being able to focus all of my studies on social work. I had incredible professors who shared so much knowledge. During my time at Washington University in St. Louis, a high point was when Kurt Vonnegut came to speak to the social work students and he completely changed the way I viewed family. He was an incredible speaker and I was so lucky to see him."


Advice for High School and College Students: "Be authentic and caring in all that you do. Take the time to get to know the quietest person in the room. Remember to enjoy yourself in college because it is one of the best times in your life and a chance to learn about yourself and make some lifelong friends. And most importantly, be open to new experiences and step out of your comfort zone, you won’t regret it!"


Favorite Food: "I love Mexican food, all kinds. And I love ice cream and homemade cookies and can’t go a day without coffee."

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