After working in college admissions for three years, Maggie fell in love with mentoring high school students and dedicated herself to equity and inclusion within the education field. Maggie studied Creative Writing for Social Change at Colorado College, and much of the work she does focuses on the importance of people’s identities and stories. Maggie is passionate about being an advocate. 


Before joining the team at Access Opportunity, Maggie had a wide-range of professional experiences. She taught fifth-grade science in Woodland Park, CO, worked at a school in Nepal, was a production intern for a national radio show, and led biking trips for the outdoor adventure company Overland Summers. Maggie is also a certified environmental educator through the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. 


In her free time, you can catch Maggie reading a book, writing, spending time outside, or gardening. 


Favorite College Experience: “For two years during college, I lived in a sustainable community called Synergy. My favorite memories are all in that home: Waking up early to finish homework with all of my housemates, cooking huge meals with veggies from our garden, having impromptu dance parties, and sitting on our front stoop looking out at the Rockies. It was a place where friends gathered, and college wouldn’t have been the same without it!”


Advice for High School and College Students: “It’s easy to get tired and frustrated with standardized tests, the routine of going to classes everyday, homework, a job, but never let that stop you from seeking out new opportunities. Don’t forget that learning and working can be SO cool, especially when you get to choose what you’re doing. Be curious. Do something different, even if the people around you don’t agree. Be weird and goofy and have as much fun as you can.” 


Favorite Food: “Ice cream, without a doubt."

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