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Lydia smiling in front of a mural of colorful shapes outlined with black lines

Lydia Sundberg  (she/her)

Communications Manager


Lydia visited Colorado throughout her childhood before deciding to move to Fort Collins in 2018 to start her education at Colorado State University. She pursued a double major in Spanish and Latin American Studies, and dreamed of studying abroad in Santiago, Chile. Due to political struggles in the city and eventually the pandemic, she hasn't made it to Chile yet, but will sometime soon!


During her time in college, she had various experiences with nonprofit organizations that led her to continue her career in the field. She also was involved with CSU's Model United Nations club for 2 years and redesigned their marketing and communications efforts to engage with more students. At Access Opportunity, Lydia enjoys using these skills to engage with the community and help students chase their dreams.


In her free time, she loves cooking and baking new recipes and playing fetch with her dogs Apollo and Argos.

Favorite College Experience: "At the end of my freshman year, my friends and I took a roadtrip to Glenwood Springs for the weekend. For many of us it was our first time venturing past the ski hills on I-70. While some of the logistics of the trip got a bit complicated with two cars worth of people, at the end of the day the experience made me start talking to a few people in our friend group that I didn't know as well as others. We made memories that were unforgettable, and following the trip, my friendship with the two girls I had never talked to before only grew stronger. As certain friends faded from my life, they stuck around. They're two people who helped me throughout the rest of my time in college, and we're still making fun memories together!"

Advice for High School and College Students: "Take rejection with grace and keep trying. You'll apply for many internships and jobs during your time in high school, college, and beyond. If you dwell on rejection you'll hold yourself back from the next opportunity, so take it in stride and continue learning and making new connections with confidence and a positive attitude. The right opportunities will come."

Favorite Food: "I love cooking new things all the time, so it's so difficult to choose a favorite. I would say the thing that I love to cook and eat most often is probably Butter Chicken because it's so warm and comforting. Plus when I make it myself I can add as much spiciness as I want!"

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