Juli is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been practicing Social Work for over 15 years and has supported hundreds of individuals and families during that time. Juli chose the field of Social Work, because of challenges that she had as a young person being raised in a low-income single-parent household. She had influential people who helped guide her in her journey and wanted to be a part of doing the same for future generations. Juli feels it is an honor to help people in any time of need and believes gratitude, empathy, communication and honesty are the cornerstones of all relationships.


Juli moved to Colorado in September of 2018 and she thinks it is the most wonderful place she has lived. She spends her free time hiking, biking, camping, reading, watching Netflix, traveling, practicing mindfulness, volunteering and hanging out with friends. She also enjoys spending time with family and loves getting back to the east coast to see her nephews and niece. Prior to living in Colorado, Juli spent some time in Baltimore where she worked with young adults attending Baltimore City Community College. Prior to Baltimore, she lived in PA for 10 years working as an Adjunct Professor of Social Work and leading therapeutic components of two non-profit organizations. She was raised in South Florida and resided there until getting her graduate degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University in 2007.


Favorite College Experience: "I went to college in Florida. I worked as a waitress in the evenings and would schedule my classes in the morning and late afternoon and take regular study breaks at the beach in between. I loved having the freedom of being young, but the newfound independence that comes with having responsibilities that matter."


Advice for High School and College Students: "Slow down and get to know yourself. Treat yourself  and others with empathy and kindness. Prioritize your well-being. Have your own standards be the most important motivation and don't let anyone make you believe untrue things about yourself. Have fun and be safe!"


Favorite Food: "Cupcakes!"