"Access Opportunity is paving the way to success; a compass for determining which direction to take, a field guide to identify those students that need the support to make it to college, and the help to stay in college, regardless of their circumstances." 



Raynita is the mother of AO Class of 2021 student, Jasmine. She's been a part of the Access Opportunity family for six years and believes that her daughter, as well as other low-income students, will truly be able to change the world with the right education and resources. She personally understands the direction of poverty; "It's extremely painful and humiliating in life," and believes that poverty could be non-existent when AO steps in to help students who have little, succeed. She really values that AO keeps the parents informed about what is going on with her daughter's college progress, what she's learning in the workshops, and how she feels included in her daughter's future. "I could say thank you 100 times and it wouldn't be enough because I highly appreciate all the many things that Access Opportunity is doing in Jasmine's life and others that are in the same rocky boat." Thank you for being such a big part of our community, Raynita!


Beyond working closely with our students in support of their goals, we engage their 159 family members with bilingual resources, 1:1 meetings on financial aid and other concerns, and a celebratory gathering.


Our student's median household size is 5 family members with a median income of $31,918. Our student's dreams include honoring their family's and community's support by giving back through educational attainment.


85% of our students are the first in their family to attend college, which means this entire journey is new for everyone.