Why these colleges?

The colleges attending College Connect have the ability to provide you with great financial aid support. Equally important, these colleges also provide:

  • An amazing academic experience that prepare students for good jobs

  • A strong sense of community 

  • Support for students with first-generation clubs, tutoring programs, counseling and health services, activities to meet most interests, etc.!

Why should I attend?

Because you are serious about going to a four-year college!

What is a college fair?

A college fair is an event where College Admission Counselors meet with prospective high school students to answer questions about their colleges.

What is an Admission Case Study?

An Admission Case Study is an up-close look at a real student's application to a college. College Admission Counselors will walk through the different parts of the application, describing what worked well and what did not work well.

What is a four-year college?

A four-year college is an undergraduate degree program that leads to a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree prepares you for many different kinds of careers or graduate school, or possibly both.

Should I spend more time and money going to a four-year college instead of a two-year college?

Students who graduate with bachelor's degrees from four-year colleges generally earn more money and experience lower unemployment than students who get a two-year degree or high school diplomas. Many professional jobs are only open to graduates from a four-year college. The colleges coming to College Connect are all four-year colleges.

There are many fulfilling and well-paid careers available to students who attend two-year colleges, however. You should meet with your high school counselor to discuss whether a two-year or four-year college is best for you!

I was planning on enrolling in a two-year program or community college to save money, then transferring to a four-year college to graduate. Should I still apply to these four-year colleges?

This plan can save some students money. But there is no guarantee that credits will transfer to a four-year college, so you could lose some of your money and time. If you are a good student, it is often more affordable to start at a four-year college. The four-year colleges that are coming to College Connect can afford to give good students generous financial aid. Plus, you have a better chance of graduating on time if you start at a four-year college.

What is a private college? How will I afford a private college education?

A private college does not get funding from the state, so it collects funds from charging tuition and fees, receiving donations, and other programs. The price tag for a private college can look very, very high, and much higher than the price tag for a state college. However, some private colleges can afford to give large scholarships to academically strong first-generation or low-income students that make them cheaper than a state college.

Why have I never heard of any of the College Connect schools?

Private colleges tend to be smaller than public colleges or universities. Also, many private colleges are outside Colorado. Sometimes, students see the price tag at private colleges and decide not to do any more research on the school, not realizing that private colleges can offer generous financial aid to students they want to admit.

Many of these schools are liberal arts. What is liberal arts? Can I still pursue the degree I want to pursue if I am at a liberal arts college?

A liberal arts education provides a broad range of knowledge and skills. You get prepared for many different careers.  A liberal arts education allows you to study humanities or science classes. Humanities classes are classes like Literature and science classes are classes like Biology. Did you know that 1 out of 3 CEOs in the Fortune 500 have liberal arts degrees? Also 1 out of 3 students in top medical schools studied liberal arts subjects?

Why should I go out-of-state when Colorado schools seem cheaper and offer similar majors? Will I save money by living at home and commuting to college? Won't it be expensive to travel if I leave the state?

We always encourage students to apply to both Colorado colleges and out-of-state colleges. Depending on the financial aid package you receive, it could be cheaper to attend one of the College Connect colleges than a school in Colorado. Sometimes colleges will even give you money to travel to school.


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