Caroline's passion for working with low-income students developed during her student teaching placements in under-resourced schools in Colorado Springs. After graduating from CC and teaching in a private school setting, Caroline was able to fully conceptualize the disparities in resources, services, and opportunities available to different student bodies. The exposure to the inequity in our education system led her to pursue a career advocating for underrepresented students. 


Before joining the Access Opportunity team, Caroline worked at an all-girls school as a first grade associate teacher. She also has extensive experience working in different residential camp settings, including an all-girls camp and a camp for children who have experienced the death of a parent.

In her spare time, Caroline can be found going to events in Denver or exploring the outdoors of Colorado with friends. She loves creating art, writing, and reading. 


Caroline received her BA in Education from Colorado College. 


Favorite College Experience: "I loved getting to know different people from all around the world.  My first year roommate was from Nigeria and she became one of my closest friends, which would not have been possible if we both had not chosen to study at CC." 


Advice for High School and College Students: "Take the time to reflect on your experiences and be honest with yourself about how you are doing emotionally and mentally. Do not ever be scared to reach out to others, whether they be peers, friends, professors, or counselors. Everyone is going through something, there is never shame in asking for help." 


Favorite Food: "I am from Boston so I love all types of seafood!"


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